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Karen Hanson Stuyck

Mystery Writer

September 2022: My New Book Is Out!

Death of an Unfortunate Woman came out this week. It is the second Alexandra Sinclair Mystery, after A Deadly Courtship: The book is set in rural England in 1819. Alexandra Sinclair, as you may recall, is the woman who vowed to never get married, and to instead dedicate her life to reopening her grandmother’s Refuge…

August 2022: Just One More Month Until Book Launch!

I wanted to display the terrific cover of  my new novel, Death of an Unfortunate Woman, which will be coming out on September 7: The lovely review by Jacqueline Pelham on the back cover says:  “Stuyck has written another winning murder mystery. With bodies dropping like flies, she conveys her familiarity of early 1800s England…

April 2022: An Alexandra Sinclair Short Story Available! 

A new book of short stories, eccentric circles, includes a story about Alexandra’s second thoughts on her wedding day. “The Day of Reckoning” takes place after A Deadly Courtship ends and before the next Alexandra Sinclair mystery, Death of an Unfortunate Woman, begins.