August 2022: Just One More Month Until Book Launch!

I wanted to display the terrific cover of  my new novel, Death of an Unfortunate Woman, which will be coming out on September 7:

The lovely review by Jacqueline Pelham on the back cover says: 

“Stuyck has written another winning murder mystery. With bodies dropping like flies, she conveys her familiarity of early 1800s England through engaging characters, spot-on dialogue, and flawless narrative. We smile at the stodginess of many of the characters and accept and sympathize with the unconventionality of the ladies of the night, while never forgetting a killer is loose. This story had me guessing who the perpetrator was until the end. I recommend it to anyone who likes a good who-done it.”

Jacqueline Pelham is the author of Under the Rose and A Promise to Die For, and the editor of many books.