May 2021: Liz James Mysteries Now Available as E-Books!

Three new e-books have been released of my first mystery series: Cry For Help, Held Accountable, and Lethal Lessons. The books involve the amateur sleuthing of Liz James, a newly divorced writer at a mental health agency.

            Cry For Help, my first published novel, is still special to me. While it was my first book to see print, it was the fourth novel I wrote. (Friends and relatives sent me flowers and celebratory champagne when I learned my book was accepted. Yay! Whoopee! At Last! They threw a lavish party after my first book signing.)

            Cry For Help was also my first attempt at a mystery novel. Its publication convinced me that mystery was not only a genre I loved reading, it was also what I should keep writing. That turned out to be a good decision. All eight of my published novels are mysteries.

            In Cry For Help, Held Accountable, and Lethal Lessons I also wrote what I personally knew. My heroine, Liz James, was a public information writer at a mental health institute in Houston’s Texas Medical Center. Not so coincidentally, I had held exactly that job at a mental health center in Houston. Like Liz, I loved my work and found it fascinating–and occasionally frustrating—to be surrounded by therapists and mental health researchers who sometimes seemed to speak another language. Unlike Liz, I did not encounter any murders on the job.

You can learn more about all three novels, including where to purchase them, on the Books page.

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