October 2021: Four New E-Books Available!

New e-book editions are now available for four of my books: Fit To Die, A Novel Way To Die, Do You Remember Me Now? and Death By Dumpster.

Fit To Die  introduces Lauren Prescott and her two daughters. Lauren is a dutiful wife, caring mother,  busy volunteer, and a Baby Ruth addict who comes home to find that her dentist husband confiscated their money, furniture and art–and disappeared. Liz is faced with finding paid employment, her despicable husband,  and the killer of the subject of her first magazine interview. This was one of my favorite books to write because it allowed me to be so sarcastic!

Lauren Prescott appears again, post-divorce, in Death By Dumpster. She is a new woman, independent, gainfully employed, and possibly in love with her editor. Then her grown daughters announce they need to move back home, she is laid off from her job, and someone is trying to kill the dumpster diving expert whose memoir Lauren is ghostwriting. 

In A Novel Way To Die, a best-selling mystery novelist is killed by a lethal injection of an anti-anxiety drug, a murder technique straight from her novel. Her criminology professor daughter must determine who killed her mother.

In Do You Remember Me Now?,  someone seems determined to kill off six former high school bullies at their fifteen-year high school reunion.  One of their victims, a plastic surgeon who has worked hard to overcome the abuse she suffered, finds herself a prime suspect in the murders. 

You can learn more about all four novels, including where to purchase them, on the Books page.

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